Smoky Bacon Olive Oil


Bacon has become a hugely popular flavor in the culinary world and now you can get healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a rich, smoky all-natural bacon flavor.  Compared to rendered bacon grease that is high in saturated fat, The Olive Tap Smoky Bacon Olive Oil is a heart-healthy alternative, exhibiting a lighter texture, perfectly balanced smokiness, and a pleasing bacon flavor. Best of all, you won't have to clean up after rendering fat and won't run the risk of burning the bacon!

Excellent warmed and drizzled over a baby spinach salad topped with hardboiled egg, grape tomato, and fresh mozzarella.  It will also flavor baked, roasted and fried potatoes, add a delicious accent flavor to steamed and sautéed vegetables, and of course, eggs and omelets!


  • The bacon flavoring is all-natural, 100% Vegetarian, and is not produced on equipment in which animal fats are used.
  • There are trace amounts of soy in the bacon flavoring.


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